Clone your OSX and put it to a new machine.[HELP]


Could someone tell me what is the easiest option to clone my OSX and put it to a different machine. Would like all the setting to be the same etc, basically a perfect clone. Would a time machine backup restored to a new machine work?



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Just a thought, would there be issues moving over a 'cloned' system from e.g. an iMac to a MacBook?


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SuperDuper! free and highly recommended.

I'd vote for this too! Worked a treat the last few times I've used it.

I use it when upgrading HDD's in Mac's... I clone the original to the new one, connected via USB or Firewire and then when finished, simply swap them physically.


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State what the "source" and "destination" Macs are and we'll see if this will work cleanly.

+1 for SuperDuper!


CarbonCopyCloner I will use, thanks guys what type of image shall I create?I did ReadOnly, or Sparse?


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Why don't you clone the drive using Disk utility?


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I can't recommend SuperDuper! highly enough!

I also use it as part of my back up routine with 4 1TB internals,
(2 off site, 2 on site) along with my Time Capsule for incremental back ups.:smashin:

With SD! you can also schedule back ups and with its Smart Update feature,
you don't have to wipe the drive and start from scratch every time.
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I've used CCC a number of times (and donated some cash) and it's really easy.

  • Clone with CCC directly to new drive
  • Boot with new drive to check everything if OK
  • Swap drives over and boot from new drive, as normal

Everything should be as it was before, but you're using your new drive...

I actually use CCC to clone daily to an external drive, as well as using TM just in case I need to restore and one of the backups has gone pear shaped (it has happened before).



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Just a thought, would there be issues moving over a 'cloned' system from e.g. an iMac to a MacBook?

Only issue here is if you are cloning to a newly released Mac as it will likely contain drivers that are not on your old system. In this you would have to wait for the next point release before you could switch your OS around in this fashion.


I made a backup using CCC and I have it now on a external HDD, the only problem is that the image disk (name it backup) is now called backup.sparesimage instead of backup.dmg is that OK to restore it from the sparse image?


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I just use migration assistant. Hook the two up via FireWire 800 and away you go :)


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I recommend using migration assistant. I like to avoid third party stuff where there is a standard Apple option.

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