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clone 2nd monitor to TV


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I currently have the following setup connected to my GXT280 card

1.) Yuraku 22" - native res 1680 x 1050
2.) Benq 22" - native res 1920 x 1080

and I would like to clone the 2nd monitor (Benq) to my LCD 37" TV (1920x1080).

When I try to use a simple DVI cable splitter, all three go black saying "no signal". I suppose that is because GTX280 cannot support more than 2 monitors at a time. Thus I would like use some sort of output splitter box that would let me (manually) choose to which monitor I can send the output. That is, I would like the opposite of DVI/HDMI switch boxes, i.e. instead of 3 input 1 output, I'd like 1 input 2 output. Can this be done? I cannot find any such hardware - or can DVI/HDMI work both ways with regards to the signal source-destination?

Alternatively, would something like DSP-DVI-21 or DSP-HDMI-22 do the job? How would I set the 2nd monitor (output) from within my NVIDIA panel - I guess it helps that both the Benq monitor and my TV have native res 1920x1080 and work at 60Hz, but is that enough?

Any other options apart from adding a 2nd card to SLI or buying a new GTX (e.g. 680) with support for more monitors?

Thank you
mobo: Asus P5KC
cpu: Q6600 Kentsfield (6-F-B) @ 2.4 GHz (1.25V)
ram: 4xCM2X6400 (8GB) 800MHz 5-5-5-18 (1.8V)
gpu: nVIDIA GTX280




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thanks, any idea if the input can be from DVI source, i.e. DVI-to-HDMI adapter

will this always send the single to both screen simultaneously, or will I be able to choose (because the former could cause problems with the 2nd display computer settings)


DVI carries the same video signal as HDMI, so a DVI>HDMI adapter plug/cable should work fine.

The device I linked to will output to both displays all the time.

Your other option would be to get a DVI KVM


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