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Some of the BBC, TV productions and Movies he appeared in.
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I like watching Excalibur as not only is he in that but so is a young Patrick Stewart and Liam Nesson.



My first recollection soon as I saw he passed away rather than Keeping up Appearances, was his his appearance in the brilliant forgotten by many BBC 2 series of the 70s 1990. Which at the time portrayed a more realistic every day 1980. I wish the BBC would repeat the series it also starred Edward Woodward in the lead as the secret freedom fighter who worked for a newspaper and Clive was his boss, and Robert Lang as a slimey big brother character.
R.I.P. Clive


:clap:Just ordered the DVD series of 1990 I did not know it had been available last time I looked although Clive was in 3 of the 12 he definitely left an impression on me. Look forward to seeing you Clive in the series.

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