Clio rear speaker installation (not replacement)


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Hi all

I have a 3dr '99 Clio Grande (Mk II) and am looking to replace all the speakers. I've got a cheapish 4x45W head unit and was thinking of putting Pioneer TS-A130Ci's in the front and some 13cm coaxials in the back but in the stock set-up there are no rear speakers at all.

Does anyone know how easy it is to install and wire some speakers into the back? It looks like there is a grille covering a speaker cavity but it doesn't pop off easily...

Would appreciate any help! Cheers


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It is all good fun working out how your car comes apart. Most internal trim parts are held in with either screws or plastic clips.

If the grill looks like a separate peice of plastic from the surround trim panel it is probably just help in with clips, use a flat blade screw driver to try and lever it out. If not then start looking for resessed, hidden or covered screws to undo to remove the trim panel. Maybe post up a pic of the area and I could give you some pointers.

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