Cliffhanger (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)


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Purchase link: Zavvi

Release date: 11/08/2014

Status: In Stock

World Exclusive Art, Limited to 2,000 Copies



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Once again they are throwing out a wave of lackluster designs on some decent films.

Pass all round... except maybe Day of the Dead IF it is decent art

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Appalling artwork. Easy pass when the std BD is so cheap this is unlikely to be a new transfer either as Studio Canal are cheapskates.


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Hmm not bothered about this as Home PC nut said the amaray Blu-ray is cheap enough and if the disc is the same its a waste Why they made the Font so Big is beyond me it totally dominates the whole cover :facepalm:


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:laugh: If a little vulgar, the guy is completely right. This sucks more than a starving mosquito!

I think putting "World Exclusive Art" in the sentence shot themselves in the foot. It doe's look very cheap. I can't get that image of what VID left in the toilet out of my head now.

"THANKS VID" :nono:




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These re-releases started at around £11.99 on, went up to £14.99 on Zavvi, then crept up to £17.99 on zavvi, now creeping up to £19.99... I think I can see a pattern here...


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Its not the worst artwork on an upcoming steel, but maybe the most uninspired.

And £19.99 is a piss take. Im so glad im out of the completist frame of mind! Ill stick to mega cheap amarays.


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It wouldn't be so bad if discount codes were available when these titles go live but they never are.

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