Clicking on Sky+ between sound formats ?


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When I switch between two channels with differing sound formats (e.g. DD to DS) I get a click across my speakers.

I'm running a 4m optical cable from Sky+ to my AV amp.

It's not the earth (had that checked), it could be the power cables interfering (going to try some trunking) or could it be the delay whilst the Sky+ box thinks about what sound format to use ?

Incidentally it doesn't happen when switching between sources (e.g. Sky+ to SACD) so I'm sceptical it's the amp having a problem.

All suggestions welcomed !


I vote for the amp making the click. Make sure it is using digital input for all formats, and isn't set to do some special reprocessing for one or other format.

Not that I know anything about it!

All the other ideas would only affect analogue input.

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