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TOSHIBA 32" 58 series LCD.

Had the set for 2 months now, but seem to be getting a clicking noise from time to time, I though this was a power surge (i.e. one of the neighbours powering up Frankenstein), but I'm not sure now. It's annoying the wife basically.

We went to the comet store where I bought the TV and they were frankly unhelpful and useless; if a fault isn't found they would charge me!!!

They did offer me a 37" (after the wife went ballistic over the above statement bt the store manager) if I pay the difference, but am quite happy with the Tosh 32" and the picture (massive jump in PQ once I setup the TV with DVE 2003 calibration DVD)

I am going to phone Toshiba, but wanted to know if this is a known problem, I guess it will require some hardware mod to the PSU for better noise suppression. Volume level between 20-25 so it's not a volume level issue.

Any help greatly appreciated.


My sammy occaisionally makes clicking sounds every 2 seconds. They can only really be heard when the sound is low though.

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