Clickfree 750GB USB Portable Network HD for my Macbook


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Hi i want to buy a Clickfree 750GB USB Portable Network HD for my Macbook.I was wondering do i have to drag and drop all my photos i have a lot ,the same with iTunes?Is it automatic back-up?
Also can i play my iTunes and pics through the hard drive or have they got to be on my Mac hard drive to be played ?
Ps if you transferred your music from Mac to iPod Classic would you suggest a back-up?Thanks.


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I wouldn't use a Clickfree for backup

You've got TimeMachine built into your mac that'll work with any external HDD
You could buy an Apple TimeCapsule (which includes an extremely good dual wireless router)

Plus you could use SuperDuper! to create bootable clones with the option of automatic scheduling.

Just remember that they do similar thing in different ways.

TimeMachine creates (hourly) incremental backups that you can restore from.
SuperDuper! makes bootable copy of your whole drive, that you can also restore from.

Personally, I use both, and keep a clone off-site.:smashin:
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Hi due to financial climate at present i cant afford Time Machine would a cheaper hard drive do the same?Will it have to be formatted?


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You're confusing the terminology bud

TimeMachine is the incremental backup software that is built into your mac's operating system.
Time Capsule is the wirelessrouter/HDD that is currently out of budget for you.
(as you use a laptop, AFAIK you'll have to plug in the USB Time Machine drive, rather than the TC will do it wirelessly)

You can run both TimeMachine and SuperDuper! with any old harddrive you like.

You will need to format it to HFS+ in DiskUtility will will only take a jiffy!:smashin:


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Any harddrive will do, just format it to HFS+ in DiskUtility

I've had several drives fails on me (call me unlucky!) so I'd only buy external hard drives made by companies that make internal hard drives.

In other words WesternDigital, Seagate etc.

Alternatively you could do what I do, but its not a pretty solution.
Buy internal drives and a USB SATA Dock.

If you're using an external drive, when (and not if) it dies, you're left not knowing whether it's the drive that's failed or the enclosure/interface.



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Hi due to money i have for the time being decided on Mac compatible Integral 64Gb USB Flash Drive i no doubt will get a Click free at some point ,as i just want to back up my music and pictures whilst a new 240Gb SSD is fitted again when i have funds - i hope this will help my Macbook what i got in 2010 last atleast 2 more years before i have to get a new one.
Any way i would like to know if i have to format the USB Drive and have got to drag all the pictures one by one i got about 1,000 or is it automatic?

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