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Hi guys/gals,

Thought i'd post up my own progress after drooling over other peoples setups over the years! Recently moved house and as I work from home was looking into getting a home studio setup in the back garden. After doing some calculations (and a bit of convincing for the wife!) I ended up going for a dual use office/home cinema/man cave.

The office itself came pretty much flat packed and was installed in a few days, really happy with it and hoping it should look mint when all done.

Attached is old shed, just going to add some more of the work in progress..


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And here's some pics of the studio going up, took 4 guys 2 days, can't believe how fast it was!


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And now some internal pics, space is 18' x 12'


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Interesting stuff where did you get the flat pack is there a link you could post.
Just crossed my mind but does home insurance cover these penthouse sheds ?


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I got it from booths garden studios - Booths Garden Studios you can choose various options/sizes etc the bit which made me go with these guys was that they can move it for you if you decide to move house.

Insurance-wise, it's probably not covered by standard home insurance, ive got office insurance which covers rebuild + contents

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Do you need planning permission to do this?, seems the ideal solution to the conundrum of Home Cinema and neighbours, can you give some details of how you solved the practicalities of getting power and heating into the man cave and did you do any additional sound proofing? Looks really good to me and it would be nice to see your kit when it's in situ:smashin:


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Planning Portal - Guide to the planning permission and permitted development regimes for outbuildings gives all the info in regards to planning permission but generally as long as its under 2.5m high and doesn't take up more than 50% of your garden/frontage you should be good to go, as such mine didn't require anything.

I ran a shielded cable from the house into the studios own junction box (the white flap in the last pic posted) and it comes pre-wired with six double sockets.

Heating wise they leave it up to you, they can install a dual aircon/heating unit, but I opted for some cheap convector heaters. Its fully insulated up to modern house standard (pilkington K double glazed, SIP panels on all walls/floors etc). Not sure how soundproof it is, waiting to connect all the kit up and see what I can get away with! its still 50 feet from the house and there's nothing behind it, so hoping to be able to crank it up pretty high!


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A few more pics of me moving stuff in, sadly i've had to reign in the spending kitwise, but can always upgrade if I get enough use out of it.

Projector : epson TW5900
Amp: Denon AVR 1312
Speakers: Monitor Audio 5.1 vectors in walnut

Just put up some privacy screening and venetian blinds for the daytime, I'm looking into blackout blinds to go over this when I want to watch something in the day. Hoping to take the epson for a spin tonight..


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Just a quick update, been busy with life but i've managed to make some changes. After initially having half the wall glass and half the wall covered up (to stop glare on the screen) I decided to go full glass on one side of the studio and look into some blackout blinds, its just too dark during the day otherwise and having lights on in the middle of the day in summer seems wrong!

Ended up swapping out the panels for glass myself and i've now added in the privacy screen and venetian blinds in.

I ended up getting a universal PJ ceiling mount from amazon and am really happy with the results (both from the mount and the PJ).


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My next bit of work was this weekend which was to get the PJ screen up and get one of the walls painted. Rather than going full batcave like some of you i've decided to just have one wall in a dark matt and get some dark blackouts for the windows instead.

Ended up going with bowler hat from dulux for the screen wall and dusted cappuccino (which i've yet to paint on) for the other walls. Really like the colour and couldn't believe the difference it makes to perceived contrast levels. BTW they have 2 tins for £20 deal on B&Q for their paints on at the moment :smashin:

I've got mixed feelings about the PJ screen, it does look awesome (especially after I painted it the same as the wall) although there is some bagging (you can see it in the pic I think) which I guess you'll always get unless you get a better screen or go tab tensioned/fixed? For price/quality ratio i'm happy, and you dont really notice it when the PJs on.

Spent yesterday chasing the RF control unit up the wall into the same housing as the studio fuse box so it looks all neat. Here's a couple of photos of the wall, a test image of tintin and the rest of the mess in the room!

My next job is to get the speakers all mounted and start tidying up the cables going to/from the PJ. Not sure if i'll box them in or just use some cable tidies like the RF unit..


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Looking at buying a Booths garden office and just wondered if you are still happy with yours?


Yep, very happy with mine, still looks new a year on. One thing I would say is that due to the insulation/glass they can get very hot, so getting aircon is essential if you're using it day to day, its easy enough to buy a DIY kit and fit yourself


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Great use of space and nice big screen... will be interesting to see how this develops. :smashin:

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