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Click Problem with Logitech G7 mouse


Standard Member

I currently have a problem with my G7 mouse, and was wondering if there
are others who have it too, or just me...

The problem is as following:

Clicking the left mouse button, the mouse somehow executes in every program quite often a double click or even multiple clicks in one. This happens both with Setpoint software active and not active, so I reckon it's a hardware
prob somehow.
This can get quite annoying, especially when I just one click...
Also, when trying to drag&drop, it often loses its "focus" while holding the mouse button down, resulting that the item I was dragging is not been dragged anymore.

This happened also to my MX700, after about 4 years, hence I replaced it with the G7, but now it started it too, after only 1 year.

Any idea what could cause that?
And does the G9 also have that problem, if anyone knows?
Thinking about replacing the G7 with the G9.




Distinguished Member
I had it a couple of times but put it down to an issue with the wireless connection as I was getting lag as well - just had mine replaced with a G9 under warranty (but not been using the desktop lately so haven't installed it yet)

The first thing they'll ask is if yo have installed the latest drivers - I had version v2.72 which were way behind the v4.6 on the site - still didn't help me tho'


Standard Member
Hm, sounds weird, that it could be caused via lag :|

wasn't one of the advertising points that it wouldn't have any problems as a gamer mouse via cordless?

anyway, guess I will give the G9 a try, and if it comes up there too, with a cord, then I'll kick Logitech and get something else for a change ;)


Distinguished Member
Phone tech support - at the very least they should be able to offer to swap out for a G9 if they can't resolve it


Standard Member
yeah, good idea actually phoning the support first
(usually try to avoid phone folks, but maybe they know something)



Standard Member
go to logitech website, fill in a form stating your problem, if its within warranty they most like ship a new one out to you after you troubleshoot and its still broken, just like they did to me :)

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