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I have Sky Q, out of contract.

I'm renting and about to move into another property (mortgaged).

I would like to know options. The new house doesn't have a sky dish. The correct positioning of the dish will be at the back of the house and the TV is in the living room at the front of the house.

1. I don't want cables tacked to the outside of the house or thrown over the roof. How can I get around this. I know Sky won't be interested.

2. Can I remove the Sky Q dish myself and get a third party to install it at the new house with discreet cable management? Effectively by-passing Sky. Do I own the dish? I know certain Sky Q equipment is loaned.

3. Can I attach the Sky Q dish to a freesat set-top box and cancel Sky?

Im really appreciative of any knowledge/advice from those more in the know.



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1. What is your concern regarding cabling around the outside of the house? It's very discreet and you won't notice it unless you're actively looking for it.

2. I can't comment but your contract / T&Cs should specify ownership at the end of the Agreement. From my experience with Virgin, most likely Sky would own it but they wouldn't attempt to recall it.


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A Sky Q LNB will not work with Freesat, but swapping the LNB on the dish is quick and cheap.

If you only need the Freesat channels, just get a new receiver. You can wire the dish however you like, but I would keep the cabling as short as possible and be careful not to snag or pinch the cable.


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I'm not 100% certain what you want -
Do you want another dish put up on the house you're moving to ? Sky will do this for free , but you say you're out of contract .
Do you want the dish moved to your new house so that you could use it for Freesat ? You could do that yourself or pay someone to do it - Sky don't bother getting their dishes back but will want their Sky Q Box back .


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A Sky Q LNB will not work with Freesat, but swapping the LNB on the dish is quick and cheap.
This is true and will need changing - you can buy an LNB that does both Sky Q and the old Sky + boxes which you can use to watch BBC etc - not au fait with Freesat but our neighbour has Sky dishes for Freesat .


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Obviously without knowing the situation, it is not possible to give exact advice. However, there can be places where, despite first appearances, a dish will work. This is because the way the offset LNB feed works, the dish is actually looking somewhat higher in the sky than it seems. So it may be able to look over an obstacle that you think it will not, allowing you to have it nearer the front of the house.
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