Clerks (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)

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Easy pass, one of the most overrated films and directors in the world. o_O


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Fingers crossed they do the whole Jersey saga... Lost count of the number of versions I've had of Clerks etc., hopefully this will be the classic cover w/ Dante & others...


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Time to upgrade the fanboy collection.
that is an awesome collection, did you get those DVDs signed personally by the man himself?
I used to be obsessed with Kevin smith films, still love his stuff, I even really enjoy Jersey girl! :)


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Thanks, never met Kevin, just been a fan for many years. Ordered all the signed DVDs from viewaskew.
No jay and silent bobs groovy movie bluray or dvd? Im shocked :)

Im not bothering as its still £15 for amaray artwork and I listed it 4 times on ebay for £6 which was cheapest around and no bids so ill stick to amarays. Got this, clerks ii import, dogma import, jay and silent bob strike back, jay and silent bobs groovy movie, mallrats and chasing amy. Plus his other movies like cop out and red state just need jersey girl if its got a bluray release?


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Does anyone know where I could get Clerks 2 on Blu Ray? It looks like it's out of print in the UK and the US import is region locked.

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