Cleopatra Blu-ray Review

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      The love triangle between Julius Caesar, Queen Cleopatra and Marc Antony probably rates as one of the greatest love stories of all time. Told in countless films and plays through the years, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction and this is part of the allure. Dating from 1934, Cecil B. DeMille’s iconic production proved to be something of a game changer for the industry, sneaking in under the Hays Code radar to present an erotic psychosexual Oscar winning masterpiece.

      The Hays Code – or more correctly the Motion Picture Production Code, was adopted by the The Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors Association in 1930 following a series of scandals off screen and a general concern about the risqué nature of some supposedly mainstream productions. The Hays Office referred to the first film censor Will H Hays who served from 1924 until he retired in 1934, shortly after this film was approved, handing the reins to the much tougher Joseph Breen....

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