Cleer Crescent Smart Audio Speaker Review & Comments


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At 66cm, that is one big crescent! Very pretty but I can see it only looking right in quite a big room.
Mmmm. Now I need a wedge of Melon! :)


I wish these kinds of reviews would provide some real in situ pictures to accompany the narration provided:

"To the top of the unit are the controls featuring the volume, play/pause, audio source, audio mode and mic on/off buttons. To the front is a row of 4 LEDs which during normal use will show the volume level and will flash when in Bluetooth pairing mode.​
Along with the size of the unit, another slight negative for soundbar use are the connections. Decent enough for a smart speaker with a 3.5mm audio input, optical input and LAN port but missing any HDMI connections you usually get with soundbars."​

for example it would of been good to see a picture of the top controls, or a picture of the 4 LED's at night or a picture of the audio inputs/ Lan port so that one can see that it is tastefully done as only one side is visible form the stock images.

Is the device ugly on the other side with a big chunk carved out for all the cables hanging out?

which reminds me, what about the power, is it just plugged into the mains or is one of those nasty devices where it big power brick with meters of black cable to hide?

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Very interesting design and stainless steel seems to be a great choice for finishing. Lack of dedicated app might be a challenge, especially for those who expect little bit more from a speaker.

"Testing via Bluetooth connection the audio was very good too"

How did you test the connection, if you don't mind me asking? Did you check the range as well?

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