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Hi there,

I have been looking through Richer Sounds' clearance pages and spotted a few things that I liked the look of at pretty heavy discounts. Does anyone have any experience of buying from Richer Sounds, in particular Ex-Repair / Refurb items from their warehouse?

Grateful for any comments.



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They're a reputable company that have been around for years..... i wouldn't have any worries about buy b-stock/ex-repair/refurb from them.


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I bought some brand new clearance items with huge discount,very happy with them, it is necessary give them a ring to check the conditions, all of the staff are very nice and helpful. make sure ask as full details of the items as possible, some of the items may be fault but they don't know, because clearance item usually been stocked for a while.


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I've just received delivery of an OLED, massively reduced compared to the RRP and original price. on the box is a Richer Sounds QC label that indicates 'perfect condition' and that it's just box damage.

My initial inspection of the accessories and inner packaging looks like it is indeed brand new, the box does have a tear to the rear through the outer packaging. Does anyone have any insight as to how accurate these Richer Sounds QC labels generally are?

I was quite reluctant to order a clearance item in the first place, hoping for at best a 7/14 day returned item rather than an actual second hand repaired item. Am I right to be chuffed in this case?




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I buy a lot of stuff ex display, clearance, returns etc. So far no issues, but I do try to be careful. My Richer TV was ex display and was sitting in a box for 6 months prior. It took us a couple of hours to find the various bits an pieces. Obviously not the same thing but maybe it provides you with a little insight.
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