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Just wondered what everyone uses to clean the glass on their plasmas.

I have a Pio MXE with little persons finger marks on and I am reluctant to set about the screen with even soapy water after reading the manual. It talks about protective coatings and special cleaning agents with Pioneer numbers....

Anyone got hold of these cleaners or am I being tooo fussy?




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My Pio 433 MXE came with a ceaning cloth. So fart his has been fine on its own to remove any marks on my screen.

However a while ago, soem one else started a thread on 'plasma maintenace' if I recall correctly.

Joe from TMF solutions supplied some good hints on cleaning these beasts.

Hope this helps



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I have only got my plasma for about 48 hrs now, so not needed to clean it yet. But my experience from screens (LCD especially) is that you really need to have the good stuff to get it sorted, nothing more frustrating then smears / stripes or even worse damage.




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I have the problem with little finger prints on the screen as well!

I just use a Scotch anti-static cleaning cloth with a few drops of water on. Brings it up quite nice every time.

The Huss

A chamois and warm water:)

Don't use chemicals..it ain't worth the risk!




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Thanks all,

Yes I got a cleaning cloth with the plasma but I didn't want to use it dry really..I may just try with some warm water for now and have a look around on past posts about this topic.

I can't even see the marks when I am watching a film...I love the picture!! It is just the best. I'm only viewing through s-vid as well:)


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I suggest you get some Calotherm Liquid (comes as a spray - main use is cleaning glasses (specs) and lenses). Spray on, wipe off - you'll be amazed by how much dirt comes off, so keep turning the cloth - result crystal clarity.


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The plasma screen has a special antireflective coating which can be damaged by the use of cleaners. I wouldn't recommend anything other than a damp cloth. Maybe that dirt is the coating :(

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