Cleaning stainless hob


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Anyone know how to clean marks round the burners of a hob? I've tried a few different thing but the discolouration won't shift
Any ideas



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If it's a brushed finish, use a scouring pad.
It'll scratch like mad though, so don't use one if you have a really smooth finish.


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It sounds like it's discoloured through heat.

As a stainless steel welder, it's the only way I know how to get rid of it, apart from pickling paste; but that stains.


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Not sure it would help if discolored with heat, but "Barkeepers Friend" is a cleaning product I use on stainless steel.
Its available at most supermarkets for around £2 -£3. Its non-abrasive but really effortlessly cleans well.

You can also try bicarbonate of soda - tsp of bicarb & drop of water to form a paste and just rub around the stained area.

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