Cleaning out earbud mesh (Rated M)

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Hello everyone,

This is a yucky topic. Wondering whether anyone has recommendations on what cleaners to use to flush earbuds of build up -- earwax and other gunk.

I have a pair of Sennheiser CX300 that have been excellent headphones on the go. The first year they held up fine, then one ear suddenly stopped working, and before ordering a new pair, I soaked the headphones in dilute Palmolive cleaner overnight, agitated them in the solution, and even sucked some of the residual fluid out too. :eek:

That restored an amazing amount of frequency response to them :thumbsup:

... but I've noticed a drop-off again, and it's only been about 4 months.

I have repeated this cleaning and seen some improvement, but am sure, based on the earlier attempt, that it's not going to totally loosen the accreted gunk.

Any other suggestions on cleaning solutions to use? I suppose I could use some medical earwax remover, some bathroom cleaner, or some oven cleaner. What is your opinion ... or experience?



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Top tip: Clean your ears regularly! :thumbsup:

Just an idea, wax melts so how about putting them on a reasonably warm radiator with some tissue below to soak up the residue.


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