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I know this might sound like a stupid question but I find that my hifi just attracts dust all the time whats the best stuff to keep it clean for longer?

what do you guys use?


I just use a clean, dry lint free cloth. To get between the boxes I have a flat stick that I wrap the cloth around to push out the dust and therefore none of them need to be moved risking unplugging something by acident.
If I can't remove any finger marks etc with the above method I just get the cloth damp and that has always done the trick. I've never used, or needed to use chemicals/solvents etc.



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I'm having the same trouble as well. Clean the hifi and the dust comes back within days.

Any products available to keep the static down on hifi glass shelves etc?

It's just a little annoying. Perhaps time I hoovered again :(


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sadly dust is very attracted to metallic and electrical

best thing you can do is to keep the rest of the room dust free as possible, that way there is less to be pulled towards the equipment......

soooooo, the best solutions are thus....

a very powerful outtake fan pulling air out of the room just about where the hifi is (also good for heat dissipation in summer)

and a chemical/nuclear suit to stop you shedding your skin (where a large proportion of dust comes from).....

hope this helps...heh

(in other words, you cant do a lot about it except dust more


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Dont use any domestic polish such as Pledge Mr Sheen etc, these leave a thin silicone layer will attracks and holds dirt/dust. Buy some Microfiber cloths, wipe and your done. In severe cases wipe with a very slightly dampned MF cloth and then wipe again with a dry one.

MF cloths are also perfect for drying the car.

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