cleaning hard drive on sky+ and software upgrade


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Just had sky blokey out because of issues with amstrad sky+ box to do with picture format. He said that most probs associated with sky+ are to do with people not cleaning their hard drive. He asked (with a smirk on his face) if I had read all the instructions coz it was in there that told you to clean your hard drive once a month. He gave me instructions how to access the hidden menu in order to do this and told me in future READ instructions. Well have scanned book and there is no mention of cleaning hard drive and anyway if it was in the book why would it be in a hidden menu???? Has anyone heard of this before?
He then did a software upgrade on the box but didn't seem to plug anything in. Does anyone know how they do this???

Chip Nicley

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Hi marky

Cleaning the hard drive ??? Yeah what he ment to say was Sky+ planner rebuild, You can find it the Engineers menu
System set up
Planner rebuild

It's just like a defrag on a PC.

Cant see it helping your picture format issue tho???
Have you read the replies to your other post on the picture format issue?

Do you use the "copy" function in the planner to archive material off to VCR or DVD etc?

Do you have magic eyes/skylinks connected to the box in other rooms?


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Hi Chip. Got you mate about the planner rebuild. The picture fromat issue is sorted since he's been. don't know if thats due to software upgrade or not using copy function (which i was using few weeks ago) which dave says may alter the aspect ratio ( in picture format thread). The annoying thing was how he implied i was a bit simple coz it was in the manual how to "clean the hard drive" and it clearly isn't. He said that when he did serive calls about sky+ faults the most common cause was that the hard drive was not maintained properly and people werent cleaning them. He was dead smug about it and its not even in the manual!!!!!

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