Cleaning Cartridges


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Hi just got some more snes games :clap:

But they only work occasionally, what best to clean them with and how?



All i do is blow into the cartridge pin slots and that usually does the trick, you should always do this, if you slot a dirty/dusty cartridge into your console it will transfer the dirt into the consoles cart slot and this is where problems start.


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Yes blowing on them does seem to work sometimes, but id rather give them a clean.

As it does suggest to do this on the carts.


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Actually whilst blowing on them will provide a short term fix it also blows moisture over the contacts which can lead to some surface corrosion.

Best thing is to use a switch cleaner (like electrolube) and a piece of lint free cloth or a cotton wool bud. The dirt that comes of them is amazing!


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Electrical component retailers sell electrolube switch cleaner. Maplin sells an oen make switch cleaner and a Servisol one. These are basically the same stuff as electrolube and should do the job.

Just go to

and do a product search for switch cleaner. Alternatively if you have any other electrical component retailer nearby then they should sell it,

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