Cleaning and maintenance.



I was wondering about access to various models to enable the cleaning of the optics and lcd panels. This has been a major bug-bearer of mine since my interest in projectors back in 98.
As the pj does a great job at immitating a hoover to regulate temp and even if not in use, the optics and panel still accumulate atmospheric grime. Cleaninig is paramount to maintaining image integrity.
The problem is cost, around £200 just for my humble Hopper.
My first lcd pj was a seleco model, a big brute, short lamp life ect, but the access to clean the thing was so easy. There was no impedance to the lcd panels, whereas the SV10 was and is and absolute pig to gain access to the panels and prism.
Now, has anyone tried to attempt cleaning the A-100, actually getting to the panels.
Any info on any current models and their internal accessibility for cleaning would be appreciated.
And how are the dlp's cleaned?


Has any one out there , had the courage to look inside their projector? If not not why?


The answer to the why might be the fairly large potential for damage and invalidatio of waranty. I think some have gone inside, but as im not a owner of your PJ, i cant comment. If someone has been a clever clogs and done it, you can be assured you will hear about it eventually! :D



I have been inside. the AE-100.
I blew out a some of dust from the LCD panels with some compressed air. I had two blue rings on dark pictures, the size of a tennisball.
After some advise on this board i opened it, turned it on the side and blew them out.
Don't think you can access the panels easy, could bearly get the tip on the compressed air in there.

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