Cleaning an LCD panel - Is it a DIY job?


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I have an old Liesagang LCD projector which works ok except for dust spots on the panel. Is this a DIY job with a bit of compressed air or should I return to the distributor to get it professionally done?

Some ideas would be welcome.




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I have a Sony 10HT and it's a pretty straight forward job.

I'd give it a go, obviously proceed with caution with regards to disassembly, you shouldn't need to remove much more than the cover to see the LCD panels. And be very careful not to tip the compressed air can and allow fluid to come out.



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i have cleaned dust from my ptae and its very easy to do

Mark Grant

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Hello Chris,

I would make sure you buy a can of air that does not spray liquid propellant with the can at the wrong angle. Costs a pound or two more, but worth it.
If you get the propellant on an LCD panel, you will never get it off completely.

I know someone who took the LCD panels completely out of a projector to clean them :eek: .

They were lined up on the kitchen table.............

I was asked to help get it working again. You can imagine what a job it was to get the convergence anything like acceptable.
Nokia monitor test had a useful test pattern that helped.

Think he sold it on ebay..........

Good luck.



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Would you be smiling if you were the person that bought it? It's funny how we complain at some of the practices of dealers but to cover our own ass anything goes.:(

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