Cleaning Air Filters



I heard that it is recommended that a projector's air filter be cleaned every 100 hours of use. My question is what do you use for cleaning? I heard you can use a vacuum cleaner, but won't the sheer strength of the sucking air totally suck in the filter or tear it apart (or at least rip little bits of it off)? The filter is only a little bigger than a matchbox, but much flatter. I was looking at those portable Tiger vacuum cleaners (the "little ones with the big sucking power" you see on the Home Shopping Network), but when I felt the suction power, they still seemed to be a bit too strong, what more the bigger vacuum cleaners? How is suction power measured anyway? Do we have to position the vacuum in a specific angle to the filter during cleaning (which I read in another forum)? Sorry am a total vacuum cleaner n00b!

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