Clean Wiring for TV Centered on Chimney Wall


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Hello, My first post.
Normally I run wires outside my house with insulation from my tv and receiver to the other components to keep every wire hidden, and I wire 3-prong power outlets behind the electrical components . However my TV and theatre system is up against the chimney wall (really a corner (see attached pic)) 45 degree wall piece, with no other option for tv location, as this is a very small living room in a small 1 bedroom mountain home.

I wanted to run my ideas by some experts, which is basically that I'm considering cutting out a piece of drywall behind the TV, big enough for me to run the cables beside the chimney, to and from the speakers, 110v lead, hdmi leads...etc. outside the house through a hole once I get past the chimney. I'd finish the project by inserting a cut rectangle new drywall, which will be hidden behind the tv, patched, and painted to match the rest of the wall. But I plan to make this a permanent resolution for 20-30 years without the need to un-do this.

I'd like to know opinions regarding - am I on par with the methods of professionals? Are there pitfalls I need to avoid? I just don't know what to expect once I get into the wall, I'm not sure how far back the chimney begins ...etc. I just need to get the cables fed outside somehow. I dont even know how to do it another way i.e. cables 100% inside the wall

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and ideas!! And please help me construct my plan to limit unexpactancies. Thank you!


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