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I am loving that.:laugh:

I love the creativity, I love the song writing talent, I love the time taken to execute the video and I love the Queen tribute in the middle, but he's wrong - I've looked and I haven't got the foggiest how to get to the fan in my Macbook Pro nut cooker.:(

That won't stop me forwarding the link to several [-]hundred[/-] people though.:thumbsup:


Mr Pig

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Yes, it was the quality of execution that impressed me. Guy's a genius, or has way too much time on his hands ;0)

Don Dadda

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Yep.. Definitely X factor Material....:smashin:


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Interesting that my earlier post was deleted. I found it very good! and especially the giant cotton bud
(just reviewing what could have caught the eye of the censors from that statement....weird).


loved that! cheers

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