Claymore issues?


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Dont know if this if happening to anyone else, just thought I'd ask to see if its only me or everyone.

Happens to me quite often as the rest of the scud guys will know with my abuse thrown at the TV whilst playing. Randomly running around mindin my own business shooting at folk, all of a sudden a claymore pops into my hand. I am nowhere near the up button at this time so why the **** is a claymore going in my hand? Stopped me getting numerous killstreaks from stupid deaths, running around a corner start shooting and midshoot a ****in claymore is in my hand. Pish.

Anyone else getting this problem?


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Controller is fine, does it with both. Tried one of my mates aswell and still does it.


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Nah not had that. But i sware i had infinate sply planes the other night. I just couldn't get rid of them, i come to the conclusion i somehow accidently glitched the game.


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Maybe the game knows you're a camper by trade and tries to help out by supplying you with claymores? ;)

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