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Hi all...before you read this be aware its long and maybe a little confusing lol!

ok here it is lol.....last year while i was messing around on the pc that i had connected via the normal phono leads to the amp i had at the time....i bottomed out the amp, because i had speakers of around 140 watts connected to an amp that was only 20 or s watts! it wasnt even an amp it was a "component system" just something to make i killed the amp...

ok no big problem, so i am searching for a real amplifier..nothing fancy just something that is similar to the speakers...and a freind said "oh i have an old amp in the loft....i dont want anything for it ,...would do me a favour taking it" so i said sure thanks il take a look......

lo and behold...he phones me ...the same day and says " just down the road...can you come help me carry this please?"(as he lives 5 mins walk away)
so i say sure ...not thinking about it.....
THEN i see him bent over at an almost 25 degree angle with a bleedin great big old style silver faced amp...tis guy is a construction worker...lugs scaffolds all day.....and for him to be put under strain by must be made out of lead we get it back i take 1 look at it and i almost cried.....
it turns out to be a pioneer sa-9900.......i fell in love there and then because i know ....i know this

Todays society is one of throw away items, you buy an item..and its cheaper to buy a new one not fix it, so also the build components are weak....because they know they save money by selling you an item cheaply...for it only to work maybe 3 years before you buy another, chase technology.... but "back in the day" people paid a lot of cash for items built to last , and last they did.....take the top off re soldur the points and BINGO! its or something like that.....

so after my 10k words ....i merely ask......where would i take this little baby to be serviced? i contacted pioneer...and they tried to get me on the new amp bandwagon.....which is just not going to happen...

this me is like the flippin holy telling you if you heard the sound it produces you would see why i refuse to get a new amp.....i mean for gods sake it hasnt got a loudness button LOL it has a QUIETNESS button!!! how cool is that or the attenuator lol.... -15 or - 30 DB , and i dont need a graphic eq really as it has 50hz and 100hz bass controls , and 10 - 20hz treble controls.....takes 2 sets of speakers individually selectable......ect ect

can anyone help me find a PRO to give her a seeing over? she works perfectly ...apart from the phono ports are temperamental....i think the soldur inside has dried out after around 30 i have oxgen free copper connects gold plated jobbies cambridge audio ones, but i need to move the jacks a little sometimes or the speaker may stop...or both might stop..but as soon as whatever i is connects it sounds like a dream

Also what speakers? im aware wattage is not a measure of volume... this amp from what i have seen on various sites was a studio class amp in its day and apparantly hd no problem driving speakers that you would not have in the house ...any advice on any questions would be so gratefully taken.,..any advice what so fact i value this amp so much that i might even buy a new one so i dont smomehow break this one!

any advice any at all would be soooooo good.....there has to be a silver surfer out here that can help with wise words? also is there a retro section on the site?

thanks - karl

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