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Class !

la gran siete

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Is it there nad does it matter?Bugs me this one because after J Majors famous utterence about creating a classless society it still seems to be alive and well although maybe peeps are not quite so forthright about it .Just had a barney with my big sis because she has been :censored: me off with her conssant blatherings about yobs in her neighbourhood and how she doesnt like football because its working class and her husband wont speak to the windowcleaner because he cant stand his accent:confused: :thumbsdow She likes the police superintendent because he speaks nicely but not the Sarge. She is the local neighbourhood watch and reports everything that might be even slightly unusual.ALL I CAN SAY I'M GLAD I HAVENT GOT HER AS A NEIGHBOUR, NOSEY SOW! She is also inclined to tell me when she went to a polo match and who she saw there:boring: :boring:
"ANNE I AM BORED WITH YOUR CONVERSATION! I dont care what supposed class peeps belong to or their accents, they are just peeps thats all. Got it?There is good and bad everywhere. I met Jamie Blanford once . A more unpleasant arrogant toerag I have yet to come across and he is a Marquess for Chrissakes, so stop trying to ape that Hyacinth Bouquet woman and go have a chinwag with Ken Livingstoon who is real gent"


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There is no such thing as a classless society.

Our cousins across the pond bleat on about their classless society but one look at the news footage of hurricane Katrina shows us the truth. Why did those mainly african americans stay in their homes? Because they couldn't afford to get away while those who could loaded up their huge chelsea tractors and got the hell outta dodge.

Unfortunately it seems the most well balanced and tolerant slices of the community always come from the working class and you'll never tell the upper classes any different because they know best eh!

Another prime example is the constant hounding of John Prescott by the media. A true working class hero, branded as a thug because he slapped a nob head for ramming an egg on his head. Love him or loathe him, he came from the bottom and there's nothing the upper classes hate more than that.

So yeah, the upper classes need to pull their heads out from each others backsides and realise the true strength of any society comes from the bottom up and not the other way round.:smashin:


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sounds like a laugh.....you and your sister couldn't be further apart in your views...must make family meet ups interesting!!
btw, Ken is no gent.....he's a terrorist appeaser and is just pretty clever at concealing his extremism when it suits.


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LGS, it is a fundamental facet of human nature that we will segregate ourselves at every possible oppurtunity.

In this country there has been a growth in the so called middle class over the last 20 years. However, where this social economic group use to be easily defined, it is now harder to do so.

The contemporary middle class have broader and more diverse political views. They also have a wider earning capacity. Property ownership or education are no longer the only defining factors.

It is more driven by a state of mind. The idealogies are social resposibility for ones own development via education and hard work. Care and compassion for those less well off or socially excluded but a rejection of nanny state policies. Tolerance and justice, but not at the expense of the publics well being and safety. IE Practical liberalism and libertarian dogma tempered will common sense.

There is no true universal equality as it frankly is not a naturally occuring state of affairs. It is merely and abstraction that we strive towards. It is most essential that we endeavour to uphold equality within the eyes of the law.

Finally the concept that society is pyramid with the oppressed working masses forming the bottom, is obsolete.


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Xusia Of Delos said:
Finally the concept that society is pyramid with the oppressed working masses forming the bottom, is obsolete.

yeah, they ran out of stone before they could build up to the height where Bill Gates is supposed to sit :D

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