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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 17th April 2010.
If you are a big fan of Hans Zimmer, then Ramin Djawadi's score for Clash Of The Titans will definitely sound very familiar to you. But although I am a defender of the infamous Zimmer sound, I have to say that the guy must have some serious brainwashing techniques if every single one of his protégées can't help but come up with the exact same thing, time after time, as though they are plugged into the circuitry of his own back-catalogue. This entry in a musical genre that has seen the shining glories of Bernard Herrmann's The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad and Jason And The Argonauts, and Miklos Rosza's The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad, as well Howard Shore's more recent LOTR, Brian Tyler's 300 and Zimmer's own Gladiator is a massive letdown. Sporadically entertaining, but totally anachronistic to the visuals, this is loud and boring and utterly charmless.

I cannot imagine what they thought they were achieving with the likes of the execrable ten-minute cesspit of Be My Weapon, but my cynical side is adamant that Zimmer and his clones are laughing their socks off at an industry that they have virtually trampled into submission.

I've wasted far too much time and effort on this score, folks. So that's it.

Djawadi's committee-run drivel is lucky to get a 4 out of 10 from me. But my advice is for score-fans to totally avoid it.

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