Question Claritas 260M Compact Digital Media Server


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I've changed the above enclosure (after many years of good service) to a SilverStone GD09 case. I went for the newer case for the improved cooling and to be fair, it's not half bad. I'm wondering if it's worth my while trying to sell the Claritas. I've had it on e-Bay for the last few weeks - it's had a few views and a couple of watchers but nothing by way of sale. Would this sell or should I bin it? It's a shame too as it's a solid bit of engineering - it's just that things have become faster a hotter these days hence the ‘upgrade’. What do you think?


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Depends very much on how much you are asking for it. I have sold a couple of small things on Facebook market place. It's free so worth a punt.


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On a side note, I would disagree that today´s HTPCs (if they still exist) are hotter than before.
On the contrary, a PC able of playing things like H265 burns way less power than ever before, unless you also do gaming on it of course.
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