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Clarion PU2294B for Xsara Mk 2

Discussion in 'Video Streaming Boxes & Services' started by Stevebee12, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Stevebee12


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    Anybody help out there??
    Run Citroen Xsara Estate LXHDI Estate 2001Y mark 2 version
    Bought with Citroen Philips R/C unit with seprate digital display & s/w controls, but I wanted to switch to CD unit
    Found a Clarion PU2294B advertised on ebay for xsara/saxo and all seemed finebut have one or two little niggles.
    Radio/CD works fine and sound quality very good but is on permanent live feed, display light not working - both of which I have solutions for when i get a moment. Also have to reset the display every time ignition is switched on and I have a possible solution to that also which involves reinstalling old unit, starting engine, switching unit off with power button, switching engine off & then reinstalling new unit
    Unable to source mk 2 fascia adapter - tried halfords,autoleads and a couple of local (W Mids/Shropshire) audio specialists to no avail -
    Old unit was held in place by two lugs on the side of the unit which were fixed into the slot with a couple of torx bolts - any ideas to sort this out so unit is held in place??
    All I can think of is to cut deeper slots in the old fascia plate to slot new unit in and maybe rig up a couple of L shaped brackets ????
    Finally come to the steering wheel controls which I would like to be able to use with the new unit - it has the slot at the back for the connectors but will not work with the current interface - can this be changed for Clarion interface and is it an easy procedure?
    The only other alternative seems to be wait and try to hit lucky with a scrappey or spend 300 quid with Citroen
    Would appreciate solutions to any or all of the above :lease:

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