I have just bouth a digital camera and its working great but during production of my movies i would realy need a clapper byr i cant find where you can buy the so sombody pleas help me to find somewhere whewre you can by clappers on the internet

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Try stanleys or joes basement : lots of places along wardour street and others in soho should be able to get you one. There is a wide range of types at different prices. To be honest if you are just shooting stuff with your camcorder you only need a basic slate with scene and shot number. Wipeable marker type. If you are not recording sound seperately from the camera you don't really need one that claps. Even if you were you'd be better off relying on a synced solution between camera and sound although the clap can be useful when all else fails.

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Keith has already indicated where you can get one, but I don't entirely agree about not needing one which claps. Given the myriad ways in which sync can get 'displaced' having a clap is comforting at the very least and beats trying to 'mod match' hands down.

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