clapforourcarers - Saying thank you to NHS workers

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At the risk of being unpopular "really @Stuart Wright"? :rolleyes:

And yes I do appreciate their efforts - all the time and not just now :)

blue max

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Tomorrow the traffic wardens, tax inspectors and estate agents :rotfl:

Joking of course before anyone jumps on me! It's well justified.


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Heard plenty of clapping round my way.


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We can't all be super hero's but we can stay out of the way and be at home. The NHS is just a part of it. ANYONE that helps us get through this is fabulous.


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More than I thought out round our way and brought my wife to tears.

she goes back in tomorrow to do it all again. Already been told that all holidays are cancelled, bank holidays cancelled and may be called in for weekend work/ shifts.

bear in mind she’s only a dental nurse manager, has never experienced front line services but is effectively being “drafted” with little choice

yet she pushes on, understanding that she has a vital role and will do what it takes

i couldn’t be more proud and tonight was a fantastic show of support and something we should all have recognised


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I live out in the sticks so wasn't close enough to hear it in person, but I've seen plenty of videos and it is touching.

I was stuck in Spain just as the lockdown kicked in and experienced the 8pm applause there.

But as an NHS worker (not a doctor, ignore the username) it did make me proud to be even a small part of the team.

I am in awe of my friends nursing on the front lines in ICU daily. Tired and overworked, faces with deep red marks dug in from the masks, sweating and worn out from being gowned and gloved head to toe, but still they keep on going. Putting others before themselves.

#NHSheroes the lot of them.

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