Claiming on JL guarentee?


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For future reference, Whats the process of claiming on the JL guarantee? Do I have to take the set back to their store myself or would they send someone out to pick it up? I stay about 35 miles from the JL Store that I purchased from.

Im asking this because im picking up a new Sony 32FX68 on Friday from the Edinburgh store which doesn't deliver to my area, so im thinking if they dont deliver to my house, will they not be able to pick up any returns from my house either?


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Er ... I guess you're right with the no delivery / no pick scenario. However, they must have some responsibility in sending an engineer out if the set develops a fault.

For example, we bought our current washing machine and Dyson cleaner when we lived oop norf, both with extended warranties. Even though we now live in Derbyshire we are still covered and have had them both seen to (oo-er mrs!) in the past few weeks.

So if, god forbid, you do have a problem a qualified engineer should be sent to look at the set. They maybe albe to arrange transport in the event of a problem as I doubt it would be going to a store, more likely a repair centre. However, I reckon the scenario would change if you wanted a replacement or your money back, then the onus might be on you to transport it to/from the store.

Thats my guess anyway.
Originally posted by immy
.... so im thinking if they dont deliver to my house, will they not be able to pick up any returns from my house either?

Short while back ( as posted in JL price match thread ) I asked same question.
So far as I know, since collapse of Endeva, national repair / service chain, whom JL either did or did not use, it's a bit hit and miss. My reply from JL was that if not within their service / delivery area, a local third party may be authorised to carry out a repair but obviously not a replacement. Some makers have their own service arrangements within " their " warranty period too.
If a local service agent was not available or was not interested in helping then contacting JL for advice returning for return or replacement would be required.
I contacted local dealers, they confirmed they had no obligation or intention of getting involved servicing sets they had not supplied, whether from JL or any mail order supplier unless as a chargeable repair.
In the end the TV was purchased from JL using their price match as the cost saving was too large to justify buying locally. If it goes wrong the money saved will more than cover the cost of hiring a van ! :D

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