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Another TV insurance question.

I have recently moved and unfortunately in the move have damaged my faithful Philips 42pf9831d.
This is/was my pride and joy and had absolutely no intentions of getting rid/purchasing another TV to replace this, so I am genuinely not happy and not fault of removal firm

The TV was flagship and cost around 2k+ if i remember correctly, with it being 14 years old i haven't got box or receipt and i appreciate it is 14 years old so it has had a good run

Never claimed on home insurance, have a good no claims discount and my excess is £100.

Should i claim, or not, i'll not be able to afford another £2k tv


it really depends on the policy. they might just offer you it's current replacement value. with a screen that old you probably won't get more than the excess.


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Probably not worth claiming for a tv that old. The excess and possible effect of claim on future premiums should be considered.
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