Civilisation VI


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Yea dont expect a low price with this. The iOS version is the most expensive 'game' on the app store. Sure its $60 (cant see now as I own it - and paid a lot for it, though got it 50% off at launch).

Superb though. Will triple dip for Switch.


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£50 would re ridiculous.

Miss Mandy

Looks good, but unfortunately it's out the same day as Pokémon so it'll have to wait.


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No online play confirmed only via WiFi with friends. Poor show really!


This looks to be reviewing well. If I pick it up from the Russian eShop, will I have any issues playing in English?

Daft Ada

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IGN gave it 9.4, sounds like it's a very solid port. Might wait for sub-£40 physical copy but it's a definite purchase now I know they've not rushed it out for Switch.

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