Citizen Kane: 80th Anniversary Collector's Edition 4K UHD


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I'd still favour the Criterion for the third commentary, BBC documentary and other exclusive features. It's a shame Warner wouldn't actually let Criterion have the right to release their edition here as it's definitely going to be an expensive import (is there genuinely any way for importers to benefit from US Criterion sales anymore since various shipping and VAT changes came into play? I'm a little out of the loop on that).


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I've seen Arena's The Complete Citizen Kane but it would be nice to have it in HD if it's been cleaned up.

I have it somewhere I don't think it's ever been on disc.



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Warner's release has completely gone from

Amazon product

Oddly, I've not seen it listed at HMV, Zavvi or

Still in Warner's store:

Let's not all panic! Blu-ray & DVD buyers are OK but UHD owners can panic :D


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I’ve gone for the criterion. Anyone importing/using re shipping company barns and noble currently have 50% off criterion, includes preorders for the 4K releases.


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Down to $29.99 (£35.38inc) at

Amazon product


Obviously knock a £1 or so off that if paying in USD with currency fee free card.

£46+ at WowHD which is just silly.


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It's a tough call for me as a tat lover but I'm going with the Criterion for the extras.

Similar price too at the moment.

Tat of all tat:


UE Blu-ray for scale.

I mind picking that up for $3.00 and paying $40.00 for shipping :D



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That's a well respected site.

There's a big thread on this at

More ****-ups thank gawd I waited although no biggie being the Blu-ray.


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"We discovered this weekend that there is a problem with Blu-ray disc 1 in all of our Citizen Kane editions that affects the contrast in the feature film, starting around the 30-minute mark and lasting until the end of the film. The 4K Blu-ray disc is not affected. We are in the process of manufacturing corrected copies and will be making replacements available to all of our customers. We hope to have replacement discs ready to ship before the end of the year.

If you would like to exchange your disc, please send the Blu-ray disc 1 only (no packaging) to:

The Criterion Collection
Attn: Jon Mulvaney / KANE
215 Park Ave South, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003

What a bunch of idiots. This weekend? D'uh don't you check the ******* product before pressing it?

Probably their biggest ever release and they **** it up.

And like people who have to return the stuff have nothing better to do with their time (like testing Criterion's disc **** ups).



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Mistakes happen but Annoying they want the disc back. Usually you don’t need to do that to get a replacement. Obviously they are out of coasters in the canteen


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US release can now be ordered from Amazon UK Global @ £38.43 so -as usual- the option has disappeared [for UK direct orders] (was <£30.00 shipped) once that happens.

I would have ordered the US disc yesterday before the usual deadline but can't be arsed returning stuff although people have had mixed messages from Amazon CS. I think it was removed from sale too for a short period.

I'll just delay further no rush really and maybe they'll reissue it in a proper case that's going last longer than 2 weeks on the shelf:




the thing wnn

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never quite get how they think cardboard sets work these days, especially with the number of posts I'm reading elsewhere saying the discs are scratched removing them! yes, it looks fancy, but it needs to be practical too! Mine will be on its way from stackry in the next week, hope it makes it in one piece


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I've just had the shipping notification for mine (to the UK):


I didn't realise they were in flimsy cardboard outers and no case. I might swap them into some spare amaray cases and print my own covers. Not too bothered about the broken Blu-ray, I would never have noticed anyway.

the thing wnn

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From Criterion:

What is the issue?
There is a problem on Blu-ray disc 1 of all of our editions of CITIZEN KANE that affects the contrast in the feature film, starting around the 30-minute mark and lasting until the end of the film. Even if you're not initially seeing the issue on your current viewing set-up, your disc should be replaced for the intended experience.

What disc is being replaced?
Blu-ray disc 1 in both the CITIZEN KANE Blu-ray release and 4K UHD + Blu-ray combo. The disc will look the same and will look like the one pictured here.

Is there any issue with the 4K UHD disc of CITIZEN KANE?
No. Furthermore, the remaining supplemental discs in the Blu-ray release and 4K UHD + Blu-ray combo release have no issues and do not need to be replaced.

If I bought the CITIZEN KANE 4K UHD + Blu-ray combo do I still need to get the Blu-ray replaced?
Yes, but luckily, if you have a 4K UHD player, you can enjoy the film in 4K while you wait for the replacement Blu-ray disc.

Do I qualify for a replacement?
If you purchased the CITIZEN KANE Blu-ray release and 4K UHD + Blu-ray combo release you qualify for a replacement at this time. We will keep everyone updated about upcoming corrected copies but do not have precise details to share just yet. If you have a copy of this release now, the Blu-ray disc 1 is defective.

Does it matter if I bought the film from or another vendor like Barnes & Noble or Amazon?
No, you still qualify for a replacement directly from us. The replacement process is the same regardless of where you purchased your copy.

How do I get a replacement?
Follow the steps in this post: How to Get Your Citizen Kane Blu⁠-⁠ray Disc 1 Replaced

Do I have to mail in the faulty disc?
As of November 24th, the process has been updated so that you can email us a photo of the unplayable disc cut or broken in two with your name and date in the photo, if you would prefer not to mail it in. The initial instructions only provided the mailing process.

What do I email and where?
Break or cut the disc in half. Then take a photo of the unplayable disc, with your name and the date written on a slip of paper included in the image, and email the photo to [email protected]. Be sure to include a mailing address that will be valid for the next 1-2 months in the body of the message. Please use "CITIZEN KANE BD REPLACEMENT" as the subject line.

Will you ship replacements internationally?
Yes, but please be sure to give the correct and complete mailing address, including your country, postal code, etc. in the body of the email to avoid any delays or lost shipments. The address must be valid for at least the following 1-2 months from the time you email us.

When will the replacements be available?
We hope to begin shipping replacement discs by the end of the year but the soonest will be mid December. You can either submit your details now or wait until later as there's no deadline to request this replacement disc. Your details will remain on file until the replacement is ready to ship to you.

How will I receive my $10 Gift Certificate for
The $10 Gift Certificate code will be included inside the mailer, along with your replacement disc. It will not be emailed to you or added to your account, but you'll be able to apply it to any future orders in the checkout process, as our Gift Certificates never expire.

Will I receive tracking details for my replacement disc?
No. We are a small team and unfortunately will not be able to provide tracking details for each person, though we will make a general announcement when these begin to ship so you know to look for your disc and reach out to us if you do not receive it in a timely manner.


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Huh, so not a replication issue at all just a check disc issue ie they never bothered to check the finalised file or even the disc. Nothing better to do? Wash day?

[insert funny graphic here]

At least people won't have to return their coasters since Criterion have been embarassed to change their minds on that.

Pre-eminent home video distributor? Not so much.

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