Circumventing the swear filter.

Discussion in 'Playstation - PS4 & Vita' started by Kieron, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Folks. The PS4 section here at AVForums has a fantastic mix of superb members. My only request is that you follow the general rules that you agreed to when signing up.

    Most importantly - as this is a family forum with no viewing restrictions for people under the age of 18 I would ask that you do not circumvent the swear filter.

    I hate issuing warnings. Yes I know you hear worse language on the streets, in the parks, on the buses, in other forums out there on the internet etc etc but here it's a violation that we can't have - the rule has been (quite correctly) set by the owners and as such there is a specific warning that has to be given to those that flaunt the (very few) rules.

    I thoroughly enjoy moderating this section - it's not the only section I cover as I do a fair amount for AVForums (all voluntary as per all the moderators here) but it's certainly my favourite section to cover along with moderator Rottenfox. Yes even with @Det !

    So please. Do me a favour, don't try and beat the swear filter. Keep it clean.
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