Circa £1000 budget for the lot [speakers, sub, amp, cable], what about these?


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Morning all,

I've been looking at the following 3 packages and wondering if anyone has any opinions/suggestions for a better setup around the same price, let me know your thoughts!!

Onkyo 608 + BA Soundware XS 5.1 package + cables - £779
Onkyo 608 + Mission M-CUBE 5.1 package + cables - £999
Yamaha RX-V767 + Q Acoustics 2000 5.1 package + cables - £999
Yamaha RX-V1067 + BA Soundware XS 5.1 package + cables - £1079

Really need to be going with smaller speakers due to the room size etc.

Opinions appreciated :)




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To pair with either of the Yamaha amps, how about these:

Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited Monitor Audio Bronze BR1 AV 5.0 - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

There is no sub, but you could add this for £150:

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND SW150 SUBWOOFER - available from Superfi UK Visit for details

Or even better, this sub for £200:


If you see yourself going for better speakers in the future, the Yamaha 1067 would be better as it will drive better speakers, but for the speakers you've listed, and the MA Bronze, I've linked to, the Yamaha 767 is all you need; in fact, all you need is the Yamaha 667, which is on promotional discount for current stocks and can be had for between £300 and £350.

for the onkyo 608, you could consider these speakers which are heavily discounted due to a new range:


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I somewhat have to agree with DickLodge, you found some good proven amps in their price range, but I just don't understand the tiny speakers. Keep in mind, that says more about me than it does about you.

That said, I suppose there is a time and place for small satellite speakers like this.

Personally, of the systems you've listed, I would favor the Q Acoustic 2000 AV series. There is room to expand this in the future. You could even look at upgrading the QA 2000 systems with 2020 in the front instead of 2010. And in the future, when you are not so restricted for space, you could upgrade to the floorstanding 2050 speakers in the front. A complete system with 2050 in front is only about £750, so that, in the future, is not going to be an expensive upgrade. But at least, you have somewhere to go with this speaker system.

Another highly regarded package around £500 would be the Mordaunt Short Alumni package. These are bookshelf, but at the same time, not huge.

Mordaunt Short Alumni 5.1 - Google Product Search

Notice has a very attractive price right now on these speakers. Also, Home Theater Magazine gave these a very postive review and placed them on their Editor's Choice Recommended list.

Another possibility would be a system based around the Diamond 10.0 speakers. These complete systems typically sell for just over £600, but if you remove the Wharfedale Diamond Sub, and substitute a lower cost Wharfedale SW150 Sub, or a Gemini-II Sub from BK Electronics (, you can probably trim £100 or more off the cost. The Diamond 10.0 are a pretty small speaker, but they have decent performance.

This certainly falls within your budget -


At £399, you might even be able to afford to bump the front speakers up to the larger Diamond 10.1. That would be a system that could last you for many many years. It might be worth a call to Superfi to see what price they would give you on a blend of 10.1, 10.0,, and the SW150.

Here is the full standard Diamond 10.0 AV system with the newer Diamond Subwoofer -


That's tight, but still close to your budget.

Also, much like the QA-2000, the Diamond 10 system has expandability. There is, more or less, no end to how far you can take this system. Though with 10.1 in front, this would be an excellent system for both video and music, and the original modified configuration (10.1 in front) should server you well from many years to come. Perhaps, even decades to come.

The 10.0 are very good satellite speakers, and not too shabby for music. The Diamond 10.1 can and do easily stand on their own as a top notch stereo bookshelf speaker, and are very good for music.

As to a small Satellite system, Kef is very popular. But, none of them appeal to me, so I don't follow them that closely. Others can probably guide you better in that area.

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Thanks both.

I guess the problem is i'm really after a small satellite style system which is still good... I guess the amps I have picked are overkill and I could go for a smaller amp and splash out a bit more on the centre and sub?
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