CINEPRO SE GOLD Mark4/ Rebirth Of CINEPRO line.

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    Hello Folks, for all you CINEPRO fans, we are releasing an updated, improved version of the 3k6SE GOLD called the VERASTARR SSA 64. We have been taking care of Cinepro customers since Erics untimely passing, and we will continue the legacy after making VERASTARR upgrades.

    Here they are:
    Removable Power cord with 20 amp IEC. (finally!)
    VeraStarr Silver Power cord Included.(6 ft.)
    24K gold plated binding posts.
    Larger Custom torroid for more dynamic headroom.
    2 Torroid shields that were not in the SE GOLD lower the noise floor.
    Additional grounding on input board also lower noise floor.
    Greatly improved signal/noise Ratio.
    Redesigned SILENT fans.
    Internally wired with Verastarr Silver Reference Silver/Teflon wire.
    Internally damped with Copper chassis damping/shielding.
    Facelift including 3/4 inch plateglass and rack handles.
    Shipped in a custom wooden crate.
    All amps shipped with an Audio Precision printout for individual proof of performance by serial number.
    3 year warranty.
    Satisfaction Gaurantee.

    The SSA 64 is being released at $8750.

    The first 10 units will be sold at $4375 to immediatley penetrate the market. Act now to take full advantage of the pricing!!
    Currently a Hold list has been started for the first 10 units. 10% Deposits are being taken for placement on the list, and gauranteed pricing. Please call with any questions or to get on the list.
    Mike @ VeraStarr 678-699-1159

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