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Hi all,
Please see HERE for info on previous attempts including a full account for CinemikiM (one) at my last house. I wont bore you with the history here.

Anyway here are some pics of the new setup as it stands today. Future CinemikiM III will be directly underneath this room as I have a cellar that is slightly longer than the room... it is currently in a 'drying out' phase.

More pics of this construction will be added over the next few days.

It's not a 'bat cave' but it's pretty good for 2d & 3d and the sound is great. More importantly it makes a great family room that we can all enjoy :thumbsup:

Equipment list:
  • LCD: SONY 40" Full HD (KDL-40EX403u)
  • Blu-Ray (Multi region/zone): Oppo BDP-83
  • 3D Bluray & Games: Japanese PS3
  • HD video Stream: Via Japanese PS3 (+PS3 Media Server, @Gigabit)
  • Apple TV 3 + iRemote (iPad)
  • TV Tuner: Sky+ HD
  • 2nd Games: Wii + Wii Fit

  • Pre Amp: Arcam AVP700
  • Power Amp: Rotel RMB1075 power amp
  • Projector: JVC X30 + emitter & 4 pairs of 3d glasses (ag1,2 & xpands)
  • Screen: ezFrame 106" fixed
  • Speakers:
  • Kef XQ1 L&R
  • Kef XQ2 Centre
  • Kef TDM 34ds Dipoles
  • Oak BK Monolith plus
  • Antimode 8033


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Nice..... how old is your property looks like its got some real character?

It's pretty old, we have details from the mid 1800's and we are still trying to nail down the exact date.
It's got great character and history, but the down side is floors and walls that aren't straight.... makes setting up AV interesting :)

Very nice room!

The projector shelf is great, where abouts did you get it from?

It's a microwave shelf from Homebase (£19.99) and a black shelf from my AV rack.
It's not the prettiest but is very strong and a huge saving on the alternatives out there. I am looking at doing a hanging wood shelf next.

I Am Custard

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Those sofas looks super comfy... very jealous

Steve Stifler

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Looks really nice. I did the same thing for my PJ shelf with the brackets from Homebase, sprayed them black and also an mdf shelf, in preparation for getting a bigger PJ. That's on hold now as I've decided to stick with my old Sim 2. I used to have the white Kef dipoles, coupled with PMC, and they blended in very well IMHO, and gave a good diffuse sound.

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