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Hi, I'm in the process of setting up my HTPC and I'm trying to find out what the best software for DVD playback is with my Radeon 7000 on XP pro. I've tried WinDVD 4, Windows Media Player and PowerDVD 4XP, and so far the PowerDVD (with hardware accel) looks the best. WinDVD looks good (possibly better than PowerDVD) with acceleration but for some reason loses all lip-synch (without acceleration it looks very blocky/nasty).

I've been recommended the Ravisent CineMaster filters, either with their CinePlayer or with e.g. Zoom Player. I've been trying to get ahold of a shareware of this as I don't want to shell out my hard-earned on something I don't know is any good!

Is there any way to try it out without spending any cash? (I take it this forum is generally opposed to software piracy & warez so I'll leave that option as a last resort.) I'm happy to pay the $15 (not exactly loads of dough but my budget is too tight right now to spend cash on something I'm not going to use) if I decide it's the best quality filter.

The other option I'm considering is TheaterTek, but the money (& hassle) involved is considerably more than with CineMaster, and again I wouldnt' be able to try-before-i-buy.

Any suggestions? Cheers,



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The last time I looked you could buy the Cineplayer DVD decoder pack for windows XP for $14.95. Zoomplayer is free.


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Yeah, that's what I said - thing is I just don't want to shell out for something that may be [relatively] crap and end up not being used.

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