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Cinema + Virgin + DVD via Optical


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Hi Please help a noob!

Virgin Media + (sky)
Home Cinema (Samsumg HTX715T

I am having troubles setting up the new cinema system via a toslink.

At the moment i have the toslink running from TV to AMP (home cinema DVD) .

I tried connecting the toslink straight from AMP to Sky but i was unable to get sound.

COuld someone very simply tell me how to connect it all up to get sound to work on both SKY and the DVD player without having to remove the cable.

Its caused me a big headache and i know its something simple. PLease try and put it simple as i am no techy.

AMP only has 1 optical input. Same with Virgin box.

My initial thought was Toslink from Sky to AMP but i couldnt get sound.



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Your original thought was the correct one.. you need to think about the "flow" direction of the sound so you want the sound going "into" the amp (as that's what the speakers are connected to).

Therefore you should connect the sky source to the amp via the optical (Toslink) connection. You may have to set that to "on" somewhere on the Virgin Media (Virgin box has an output) menu and select that input on the amp.

The optical on the tv is an "output" for audio from the freeview tuner. You can do without that and use an analog output (stereo/L+R) from the tv to the amp.

I presume that the dvd player is built into the amp, so there is no need for a connection. If the dvd player is another box, then you'll have to get an optical switcher to use the single input on the amp.

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Thanks i will try again this morning. The DVD player came with the amp so its all inbuilt and connected to that DVD player.

The only option i previously saw on the virgin + box was "HDMI Audio overide" which can be set on / off.

I will plug it back and play about. THank you . I will let you know how i get on


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Try this

  • Connect Samsung DVD/Cinema HTIB to TV with HDMI cable
  • Connect V+ box to Samsung DVD/Cinema amp with optical toslink cable
  • Connect V+ box to Samsung TV with HDMI cable
  • On V+ box set "HDMI Audio overide" to On
  • Turn the sound on the TV down/off (you won't need it as you will be listening through the amp)

Good luck :smashin:

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