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Does anybody have a Sony decoder/amplifier with Cinema Studio EX A, B and C on it? I have it on mine and I'm not sure I should use it. What’s your opinion/professional opinion on this feature? I like to play around with it some times. I have no opinion on it.


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don't have it personally as i iwn a denon amp. the general opinion is that DSP modes are no good, however, if you like it then why not use it? i used to have a yammy dsp a2 and i always used the 70mm adventure and that really wound up some people as its a dsp mode and therefore it could only complicated the pure DD/DTS signal.


I have a 1080, and before that an 870. I do use the B setting sometimes to watch movies, it does seem to give the sound a bit more depth to me, but of course its personal preference and ears lol.


I have a Sony 940 with these DSP modes on it & I never use them as I never noticed any difference IMO.


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Originally posted by Xyphras
I like to play around with it some times.

Try them out, when I had a Sony, Cinema Studio EX B was selected for movies, but not music. It sounded better to me, the one that sounds better to you is all that counts.
You may prefer straight DD / DTS.

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