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I’m planning on redecorating my cinema room and will also take the chance to replace my near 20 year old 5.1 KEF speakers (Q35 fronts/Q15 rears/Q95 center).

Receiver is is a Marantz NR1710 and I have a BK P12-300SB sub with an Epson TW6100 projecting an 84” image.

The room is quite small at 325cm wide and 315cm from the back wall where the sofa is, to the wall mounted screen screen.

Due to the room size I’m thinking of going for bookshelf for the fronts instead of floor standers and am currently leaning towards the Kef Q350 fronts, Kef Q650c centre, then for the rears speakers using a set of Kef Q50a wall mounted, rather than another set of Q350s. Any one see any issues of have advice on using Q50a for wall mounted rear?

If i go for the Q350s for rear they would be either wall mounted behind the sofa or in the corner which is probably a better option, but i quite like the cleanness of having the rear speakers wall-mounted.

I’m also considering a set of Klipsch’s, RP-500M front, either RP-504C or RP-500C for the enter (another decision) and could stretch to Klipsch RP-502S for the rears again wall mounted behind the sofa. Side mounted level to the sofa is not really an option due to a window.

I would like to keep the budget below £2k for the speakers and would be open to other options, Elac and Focal keep coming up but not sure if I can strech to B&W.

I’m assuming the NR1710 would be ok driving all of the above?

Ideally I also like to have a bit left over for 2 ceiling speakers, giving me a 5.1.2 set up :)

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Personally, Klipsch have a lovely sound.

Another option could Monitor Audio, both offer a matching range of in-ceiling and have a good range of options.

For Monitor Audio have a look at the Radus range.


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Q50a can be used as surround speakers on wall, great option as you have tight space.

KEF has taken the Q50 a step further though in that the Q50 can be used as a surround speaker in its own right. The underside is fitted with a set of wall mount eyes and the angled driver equates to delivering the correct positioning for the seated listener across a fairly wide spread of mounting heights. As far as I’m concerned, this is sound thinking from KEF and should help the Q50 do better numbers than might be the case if it was solely for upward firing duties. -AVF Review Q Atmos 5.1 system

But for 5.1 the speakers should be closer to sides than directly behind you as rears. Of course you do what is possible. So pushing them wider apart closer to corners and also installing them horizontally like this is possible or the normal way pointed down, but you can´t place them high if you go with ceiling speakers (Atmos) you want height separation between these two channels. So roughly seated ear height (surround sides).



From Klipsch the comparable models would be RP-600M and RP-600C! Now you are going to find lot of different opinions if you compare the main channels (google) and also in youtube there is lot of videos. It`s going to be tricky decision without listening as it could go either way easily.

The smaller 402S should do fine in your small room! As it´s bipole design in reality it needs some space to side walls so don´t place them directly in corners!



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Many thanks for your input.

At the moment I am leaning more towards the Klipsch, from what i have read they sound good at lower volumes/don't need to be cranked up and are easy to drive which given my revicer is not the most powerful would be a benfit. They also have a good priced in celing speaker (cs-16c II @ £105).

For the di-pole rears it would be about approx 80cm from the wall.


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Thanks for the references and links Gasp.

This week we have also gained access to the whole Klipsch CI, In-wall, THX and RCC range, so should be able to package something for you.

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