Cinema seats


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Having been loking at cinema seats for sometime i have just taken the plunge and purchased some. What made we choose this particular set was the size my cinema is not that wide circa 10 feet and the american brands just will not fit (for a 3 seat combination). The seats I chose were 225mm wide for a bank of three. suprisingly I found these seats in House of Fraser for anyone interested they are called Xenon (504589425) and are available in a small range of leather finishes and varied number of seats per bank. the downside is no cup holders but all seats have arms rests.

Costco also have some cinema seats at the moment (or certainly Reading has) these were only available in banks of 2, can't give any more details other than my wife spotted them when she was there yesterday, may help someone.


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Any chance of some pics? Can't find anything on the HOF site about these. I am inthe same boat in terms of room width and looking for a solution. If you don't mind saying what did these cost?

Cheers, FF


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Natuzzi have started selling Cinema recliners.. they look nice :)

im still looing though for some so any links to the available offerings from different suppliers would be good
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