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Evening all.

I have 4 cinema seats, like the layout below and I am looking for a platform or riser, like the one below in picture 2. Through no other choice, my TV will be mounted higher than ideal eye line viewing height and I would like the 4 cinema seats to be rasied higher on a platform for a more comfortable viewing eye line.

Do any of you know where I can buy a platform riser like the one pictiured below or anyone that makes them?

My 4 seats are just over 11 foot combined in width.





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YouTube + B&Q I'd say, don't let someone else have the enjoyment when you can build it yourself :D


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There is my problem, Paul......I am useless at things like that. I wouldn't trust myself :laugh:

Was hoping someone on here is a dab hand at creating them or can point me in the right direction.


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Surely that just some thick plywood and 3x2? Not too complex, but if you can't do it look for a joiner who has the phrase 'no job too small' in their advert:)


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Really easy mate, look up 'decking' guide on wickes and its basically the same frame type but with osb instead of decking on top...and no doubt insulation and possible wiring sandwiched in there. Simple job for any joiner and easy diy task if you can use tools etc. If not get a joiner in. They should be able to do it in half a day if you have materials/plan on site.

All the best, Dave


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Top man, Dave! Thank you. I will see if I can get someone in. Never shy from work I can do myself but when an expensive cinema seat is on top, I would prefer for it to be done right.

Thank you mate


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Welcomes mate;) Put a pic up when its all done.


Ps Just a thought but if you have any 'bass shakers' or anything that causes vibrations in/near seats it may be worth putting some form of rubber underneath.


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Yes, as the others have said this is easy.
Ive done mine and im no diy expert. That's why i changed the height and length twice to get it right lol


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Mistake i made was i didn't make the step come out enough and if you stretched your legs they fell of the end. I was trying to keep the front seats back from the screen and it didn't work so had to extend. I then decided to raise it a few inches to 8"
That's the problem with a small room and trying to accommodate 4 people.
Ive watched loads of films at the front seating position now though and actually prefer it to the rear.

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