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So after 3 years and endless entertainment my home cinema room is in need of an upgrade. Here is the orginal build:

Spare Bedroom Conversion

I am now looking to fully soundproof the room as we have new neighours with young children and the cinema room is next to one of their bedrooms. Want to reduce the noise as much as possiable so we can use the room between 6pm and 11pm if we can. Im a novice at sound proofing and looking for advice to fully soundproof the walls, ceiling and floor. The room is on the third floor of the house with the loft above which I have access to, so can put soundproofing in there. Also have access to get the floorboards up to add any soundproofing there. Most of the walls are solid brick so assume I can attach new soundproof plaster boards, would these need to be fully plastered before been painted? The only main problem is the sloped ceil on one side of the room, but sure a frame could be fitted here for new plasterboards to be attached to.

Looking to work out some costs and what workmen I might need, I can do a bit of DIY but no electrics or plumbing, could maybe fit plasterboards! I have no budget yet this is the planning stages.

Aswell as the soundproofing I am also looking for adive or av equipment upgrade. Would like some form of 4K, but not sure what. Will need to upgrade the projector, and amp. I have a Samsung Ultra HD Blu Ray player so that doesn't need an upgrade. Will be looking to add speakers into the ceiling for a full Atmos experience. Again I have no budget for this and am looking for advice. On the 4K side not sure at all about projectors, don't want to pay more than £1000 for one if I can but don't want it to be outdated and not worth it in a few years time when full 4K projectors are avialiable, so any advice on that would be great.



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Check out the sound proofing thread on avs forum. Basically comes down to budget and what you’re willing to lose. Isolation clips or isolated stud with do7ble layers of plasterboard (insulation behind) would be a good starting point. Also look at green glue.


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Not sure I'd worry about 4k. I imagine your money is better spent elsewhere.

I'm looking to soundproof our room, but it doesn't have sloping ceilings, and I'm not sure how you deal with them. Ideally by building a room within the room you have I guess, but that looks tricky due to the shape.

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