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I don't honestly know where to start in explaining my predicament. However I feel sure I am not alone.

1930's detached house. Have chosen front room (bay window, south facing) as cinema/gaming room. Have recently investigated projectors but ended up with more questions than answers. Trying to indicate budget is difficult because the entire house is being stripped ad hoc - new electrics and new plumbing. I have already wasted several hundered pounds re positioning elec sockets and then eventually by accident, via google search, found 'electrical floor boxes' commonly used in office environments.

Anyway to my biggest deilemma so far - build a 'floating' wall to accommodate the LED tv or ...well , not. My biggest fear thus far (in terms of wasting money - which I seem to be very good at) is how to situate the electrical plugs for the various constituents, eg xbox, blue ray player, router, sound bar/sound system, amp and so on.

Ultimately I want whatever AV unit I decide to buy to fit flush to the wall below the TV. I suppose what I am trying to say is how do I achieve cooling if the av unit is flush with the wall behind? i have seen some units which hve the top of the unit overlapping the rest of the unit but still- since heat rises, I cant see this being particularly effective.

i am in the process of bashing the hell out of the chimney breast in the same room in order to install an inset log burner and the floor has been up now for 5 months - (wife and baby not impressed!) planning to totally seal the cavity floor with kingspan and exp foam.

I have very limited experience with AV gear so please be gentle :)

Having had several glasses of red wine and no sleep for several days please - I apologies for the scatty description. I am prepared to answer questions as no doubt I have managed to emit important information required to answer my questions!

Many thanks indeed,


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